Policies for Artists

We are glad you are considering being one of our artists! Before you decide to purchase a table in our Artist Alley, please make sure you understand our policies:

  • Tables are 6 feet long, plan your display accordingly.
  • Crafted items are permitted, as long as they are handmade.
  • Fanart is permitted but it must be of your own creation and not eyeballed/traced/referenced off of pre-existing work.
  • There is a very strict no-pedophilia policy and that includes imagery pertaining to pedobear as well.
  • If you are selling anything 18+, please do not have it openly visible and you must ID people who wish to look at it.
  • No raffles or games of chance are permitted.
  • No metal blade weapons may be displayed or sold in Artist’s Alley! This is convention policy and will be strictly enforced. However, weapons made of foam, rubber, or wood are allowed.
  • Outlets are available at no additional charge. We recommend bringing extension cords and terminal strips. Please be mindful of the cords to prevent tripping hazards.
  • Nothing can be taped to the walls. Any damage to the walls by violating this rule, will result in being evicted from Artist Alley and you will be responsible for any damages.
  • Please be considerate of other artists with displays, music, etc. Creative displays (easels, tablecloths, backdrops, etc.) are encouraged, but be certain that your display doesn’t interfere with others’ space. Music, videos, etc. should not disturb others. Basically, we’re asking you to be a good neighbor, because we all very much value the community that is the Artist Alley.