Here’s what people had to say about the last convention:

“~Kitsune~ Hey SISS fans!

This is ConClave 2016.

The Dealer room was nice and it included a massage therapist and I had a fun time talking to new dealers and artists. There was a free table top game room and rpg room.

Also Aegis Swordsmanship Academy was there and trust me you had to involve your hands doing things! For example knife throwing, evolution of the duel, Sword fighting in the Movies conversation, teaching board breaking and the fundamentals of sword fighting.

There was so many events/panels going on here and here is just some examples- 2D6 in Concert, 50 Years of Star Trek , Adult Anime Party & Midnight Tea and American Animation and so much more. However, one of my favorite panels was the tea tasting. My favorite tea was the gunpowder. The cosplay contest was awesome.


So many great costumes! Feel free to tag yourself and your friends. As always, if you want the high rez shots, message us and we will email them. I know that I’m already looking forward to next year. Thank you to everyone who stopped for a pose. You guys couldn’t have been sweeter.” – Skeletons in Space Suits, 10/18/16

“I had a great time at @ConClaveSF! Looking forward to next year (when its name will be “The Continuum”).” – Rantasmo, 10/11/16

“Thank you all for such a wonderful time! This was a great event and I’m looking forward to the one next year! In case you missed it, here’s the interview for the event. We also have pictures up on our FB page.” – John Bruske, The Pod Bros, 10/11/16

“Thanks to everyone who came to play with us at ConClave this weekend! We met lots of amazing people and played a lot of great games. Thanks to all the staff for making this con possible. See you again next year!” – We Hate Bards, 10/10/16

“Just wanted to give a grand and glorious thank you to all who make Conclave possible! My friend and I had the best convention in an extremely long time! Thank you so much for everything all of you do!” – Ana Knight, 10/10/16

“I really enjoyed my first experience with this con. The panels were a lot of fun and had an intimacy hard to get with larger cons. I definately learned new things and met a good number of interesting people. Looking forward to attending next year and perhaps being a bit more involved. Would recommend it for anyone interested in writing, science fiction or gaming.” – Stephen Zatezalo, 10/09/16