Policies for Vendors

We are glad you are considering being one of our vendors! Before you decide to purchase a table in our Dealer’s room, please make sure you understand our policies:

— There will be NO dealing allowed out of sleeping rooms. Dealers must sell out of the Dealer’s Room.

— Due to popular demand, the majority of merchandise in our Dealers Room must be science-fiction or fantasy oriented.

— No pornography, open flames, or open perfumes/incense.

— While we realize that religious images are a part of many tables, we do not permit religious or political proselytizing.

— No metal bladed weapons may be displayed or sold in the Dealer’s Room! This is convention policy and will be strictly enforced. However, weapons made of foam, rubber, or wood are allowed.

— No boot-legged materials may be sold out of our Dealer’s Room! Only legally franchised or manufactured records, tapes, videos and other materials will be allowed.