Farewell, 2016!

As we close out the year 2016, it is a year of many changes. Not only did we lose many beloved celebrities this year, we also closed a chapter in our history and opened a new blank book! We’ve changed names from ConClave to The Continuum. While we strive to provide the same mix of entertainment and education across the board as we always have, we have decided to refresh our outlook and our way of doing things and that is reflected in our new name.

We hope that you will enjoy The Continuum and have enjoyed the 40 years of history and legacy upon which The Continuum has been built.

We also hope that you join us for our Pre-New Year’s Eve Celebration with our 2017 Musical Guest of Honor Tom Smith on Friday, December 30. Tickets are available for $5 with a pre-purchased membership and $10 without. You can also purchase your membership online now and save the additional $5! Tickets will be available at the door, but due to the very limited space we highly recommend you purchase them ahead of time to guarantee your spot!

And from all of us here at The Continuum, we hope you’ve had a safe, healthy and fun December and have an amazing new year!



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