Welcome to Continuum Gaming!

Fancy teaming up with your friends and storming into adventure and mayhem? We will be featuring games run by We Hate Bards, a 24 hour session of D&D run by Joel Bukowski (yes, there will be at least one break), and more!

Or would your wits be better served grinding your friends under your proverbial boot? Then join us in our card and board game arena. Our friends at Lending Library Logistics, LLC will be bringing along as much of the GenCon game library as we can fit!

NOTE: Games will be run in two hour blocks. GMs should have pre-generated characters ready.

• Play 7th Sea with its creator John Wick

• Pit your wits and puzzle-solving skills against a Firefly-
themed escape room courtesy of Nearly Useless Entertainment

• Test your stamina in a 24 hour D&D game with GM Joel “AVATAR” Bukowski

• Join We Hate Bards in one of their podcast games

• Choose a new game to try or an old favorite to play from the GenCon library courtesy of Lending Library Logistics

• Sit in on the VIP game and watch our GoHs put GM Donald Jones of Thunderhead Games to the test

• Take part in a blaster battle in a Star Wars LARP with the Forces of the Empire

If you like gaming of any kind, you won’t want to miss this weekend’s events!