Want to hold a room party at ConClave in 2017? We will be happy to have you!

FYI: The hotel management is requesting that all party rooms be referred to as “Hospitality Rooms”. It is a small request, so please help us abide by their wishes.

To ensure the best experience for both hosts and con-goers alike, please adhere to the following:

— All hospitality rooms must be registered in advance with our party wrangler. Please fill out, and submit, the form below with your information. Hospitality rooms that are not registered in advance will not be allowed.

— Our party wrangler will work with hotel management to make sure that all hospitality rooms are assigned to the same area. For the comfort of the other hotel guests, no hospitality rooms will be allowed outside the designated area.

— Hosts who choose to serve alcohol will be responsible for verifying the age of those being served. ConClave will not be responsible for checking the age of party goers. No alcohol may be served to anyone under the age of 21. Any hospitality room found to be serving alcohol to anyone under 21 will be shut down and the hosts asked to leave the con immediately.

— The hotel management requests that any alcohol not purchased at the hotel bar be consumed in the room where it was served and not carried around the hotel.


Please fill out the following form to register your party: