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Famous People Who Got Canceled On Twitter In 2021

You have probably heard of the cancellation culture but do not know what it means. Over the years, since a famous song in 1981 by Nile Rogers called “your love is canceled”, the term gained popularity and is even used in courts. Being canceled is the idea of being denied special rights as an individual due to something said, done, or written that other individuals or a group of people find offensive.

A lot of public figures have been canceled, especially on social media. Twitter, for example, uses the Twitter cancel culture to deny people who offend the public a right to express themselves via tweets. Below is a list of individuals who got canceled in the year 2021 on Twitter.

Johnny Depp

When the world is protesting against gender-based violence, Johnny was termed the wife-beater after he was accused of physically violating his second ex-wife. Some people came out and said they heard a commotion in their home like things being thrown at the wife.

Depp was said to be abusing drugs and alcohol, which led to him beating his wife, Amber Heard. In a court hearing, Judge Justice Nicol ruled the hearing as substantially true.

Later on, Depp filed a case in court against Amber, saying she filed a report in her interest. It went ahead and was posted on Instagram, he was asked to resign from his job and was doing follow-ups on the case.

R. Kelly

Most of us are familiar with the song “I believe I can fly”. How would you feel if your favorite artist was accused of committing a crime, you are always on the front line to fight?

Well, R. Kelly received several allegations of sexual assault that got the attention of the court. His wife, who was 15 when she got married to 27-year-old Kelly, later said she was sexually assaulted physically and emotionally.

Later, various women came up and accused the artist of sexual assault. This included people who went up to him for assistance in their music careers. He is said to control what they ate, dressed, and what time they slept.

Ellen DeGeneres

We all want a conducive working environment. The host of a famous show, Ellen, was accused of creating a toxic working environment by his employees.

Her employees claimed they were fired if they took off sick or bereavement leaves. The seniors also made negative racial comments, and this was not conducive for people working there.

This was such a serious case that the show is expected to come to an end this year. She however made an apology statement to the affected employees.

Lea Michele

In a response tweet about a man who was killed by the Minneapolis police in 2020, Jane Hayward replied by asking her if she remembered how she made her first TV gig terrible. Later, a few people supported the idea, and it attracted a lot of attention to other audiences.

She created an uncomfortable environment for other people who worked with her. In the process, she lost brand partnerships that cost her a fortune. However, she apologized for the bad behavior to anyone who felt affected on her Instagram.