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How Can Kids Learn English Easily?

Children are willing to learn the language, they do not need to be conscious mainly because they are still learning their mother tongue and the mechanisms for acquiring the language are still functioning. Unlike adults, children can imitate the pronunciation more easily and learn the rules by themselves.


The advantages of learning English at a young age

According to the British Council, children learn more easily through play-like activities; once they understand the game and enjoy it, they started to get the meaning of the language their parents or teachers use.


Second, it is easy to fit English in children’s daily routine. During first school years, programs tend to be more informal and little homework is sent.


Third, kids are more likely to have better pronunciation and understand better the language and English culture. When kids become teenagers, they find learning English like an obligation which leads them to feel bored and discouraged.


How to make the learning process easier

Nowadays, learning English process has changed a lot. There are a lot of online contents for making the process of teaching way easier, like an online English class or online tutoring services. For parents interested in teaching their children to speak English, the first thing to be done is establishing a routine. Fifteen minutes is the best option for very young children if they are a little older, maybe twenty minutes or half an hour work out perfectly.


Once you have created a schedule, the paths you can follow are diverse. Just take into consideration the importance games have in our early lives. Most kids are interested in having fun, so games must be the main option you use to teach your child English.


Use everyday situations


Using objects your kid already knows will facilitate the learning process a lot. For example, getting dressed and sorting the laundry are great daily situations for teaching words related to clothes.


Use stories and songs

Kids love books with pretty illustrations. When you’re reading your child a story, try to point out to a drawing and say the name in English, later ask the kid where is the object you pointed out before. If you make a mistake, don’t use punishment, just say the correct answer.

Music is also a fun way to improve pronunciation and learn new vocabulary. Songs that include actions can be very attractive to children, even if they are not able to sing yet.


Learning through actions

J. Hoge, the founder of a popular system to learn English easily, explains that the best way to teach English to kids is through actions. Mainly what you have to do is demonstrate the action and say the name of it, one after the other. He recommends teaching the verbs first through actions and then nouns through objects.

It’s true that teaching English can be an exhausting job or maybe you, as a parent, don’t know English enough to teach it to your children. Therefore, in case you want some help with this process, there are great online resources, which can help your kid learn English in an effective and easy way.