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How much does it cost to study medicine in the USA?

How much does it cost to study medicine in the USA?

It can be extremely challenging to study medicine in the US. However, if you are someone who has a sheer passion and really want to put in the required effort, the hard work can surely pay off.

After you graduate from medical school, you will have the skills to help people in need, which will allow you to create a real difference in the lives of people. However, a medical degree from the US does not come at a low price.

Whether you are on the stage of choosing which schools to apply to, or you already have the acceptance letters in your drawer, you definitely have only one recurring thought in your mind, and that is admission into a reputable medical school. However, have you also given the same amount of attention to what is supposed to happen once you get into your aspirated medical school in the US?

Degree in a reputable medical school

You will definitely invest a huge amount of money by pursuing a degree in a reputable medical school for four years. This ranges from tuition fees to textbooks, putting primary and secondary application charges aside. Generally, the overall cost of medical schools adds up rapidly. So how much can you really expect to pay?

As per the report of AAMC, the average expense of staying for one year at a public medical school for in-state students is approximately $35,000, including tuition, fees, and health insurance. On the other hand, the expense for out of state students is approximately $58,000.

Normally, the average expense of private medical schools is around $50,000 annually, regardless of whether you are from the same state or an out of state student. Both the schools, private as well as public, have increased the expenses as compared to last year.

Furthermore, these costs only show the tuition fees that you will have to pay. They do not take into account the expenses that will go into the cost of living, books, food, and housing. Even a student who lives on minimal expenses will have to pay hefty amounts outside of the study expenses. That is why it is quite important to plan ahead about your budget and look for leads where you can possibly cut costs and spend less.

Affordable medical schools

However, not all of the medical schools in the US are that expensive. For instance, the US News and World Reports show a list of affordable public medical schools where the average cost drops to approximately $16,500 for in-state students.

If you are still not able to pay this much for your medical degree, you can also consider going to one of the most affordable medical schools in the US such as Baylor college of medicine where the annual expense accounts for approximately $31,500, Lake Erie College of medicine with the annual expense of approximately $33,000 and the University of Pikeville with the annual expense of approximately $41,300.


Now that you have an idea about how much you may need to spend to earn a medical degree from the US, you can make an informed decision regarding which medical school you can easily attend.