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5 Reasons Why Your Instagram Is Growing So Slow

Instagram is all about interacting with new people, posting and sharing interesting and trending content. It Is vital to stay connected to all the latest trends and features available on the app to keep your audience satisfied with your content. If your profile is not growing at the same level as it used to or is slow in general, then it means you’re missing out on the latest features or topics of interest for your audience.

Always strive to generate real engagements and use organic Instagram growth practices, as the followers generated would interact regularly with your account. They also ensure that your account maintains steady overall growth.

People make mistakes in their eagerness to find ways how to grow your Instagram quickly, this article draws attention to the things you might not be doing correctly in managing your account daily.

Using Wrong hashtags

Hashtags allow content to interact with the right people according to the industry it represents. It ensures that engagements are made to people with like-minded tastes and interests.

However, you must research hashtags first before incorporating them in your posts. Using the wrong hashtags would mean your posts reach the wrong audience, not related to the industry your activities relate to.

There will be little to no engagements made on such posts, negatively affecting the overall growth of the account.

Buying paid followers

Followers who are generated through paid channels are not guaranteed to be genuine and maybe fake accounts with no one using them. This will mean less number of your followers will interact with your account, making you rank lower on users’ feeds, negatively impacting your account’s growth.

Making Inconsistent Content

It is important that the content you generate is consistent and is relevant to your activities and what your audience desire.

If you make inconsistent posts, people may not be able to appreciate your content as much, since it may not be what they want to see all the time

Your account will not have like-minded people following them since your content clashes with the interests of different users.

Engagements on your account will stay limited as followers would find it difficult to gel into your account as it lacks a strong purpose, just a place for random photos and videos.

Ignoring Influencers

Influencers typically have a large number of followers associated with their account who regularly take advice and inspiration from the account’s content. They offer services such as promoting your activities in their posts to drive their followers to your account.

If you choose to ignore their services and focus on generating growth on your own, you are limiting the scope of your account, and forgoing a great opportunity to get more people following you.

It is also necessary to use services from an influencer who is related to your industry, or else their followers will not be able to relate to your activities, and will not engage with your content.


Not Using All Features Available

There are some great features on Instagram in addition to regular posts which greatly improve the whole experience for the audience, not using these features would mean your followers will start to feel more distant from your content.

Stories and Instagram Reels are examples of popular features on Instagram.

Not making frequent Stories would make your content appear out of date and boring. People like to use other ways to interact than just posts as they may feel monotonous and dated on their own.

Short-form videos are popular and are trending these days. Not posting Reels would mean missing out on a different form of audience, negatively affecting the overall growth of your profile.

Consider rectifying all of these mistakes on your Instagram account, make your content better suited and relevant to your audience to ensure healthy growth to your profile.